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Who Are We?

We are four guys.
We met by coincidence, started making movies and found it difficult to stop.

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No more no less!

We Make Movies
We Tell Stories!

Factory Brain - “Modern Day”

We don't care about current trends, political correctness or making lots of money.
But you'll find true passion, heart, and soul.

If you have an idea or a story to tell -
We want to know more about it and perhaps help you make it a reality.

Latest Productions

…but we’ve done more!

“To Those Who Dare”

Award winning short about passion and taking chances.

“Modern Day”

Music video for Factory Brain’s hit single.


Music video for Rättens Krater.

“Your Project”

We don’t know what it is but we know it will look good!


We don’t have a receptionist, nor an office where we can meet and absolutely no automated coffee to offer.
But please help yourself - get in touch!

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